What we do…

We use data and technology to improve your business. Solutions can range from consulting services and project management to web application development and implementation. We retail distribution experts who believe in the new technologies that we’ve mastered and we have the experience to ensure you get the most of your projects.


We don’t especially like the buzzword game, but we can compete with the best. Website Design (HTML/CSS), Content Writing, PHP Programming, MySQL Database Optimization/Administration, Search Engine Optimization, JavaScript Programming, Ecommerce Solutions (Zen Cart, CS-Cart) and more… We don’t like to beep our own horn but honk, honk!

We also have retail distribution credentials, specifically in warehouse management and supply chain. There are so many technologies out there - we’d love to help guide you to the best WMS, TMS, SCMS, ERP for your business.

Our big project, which we are very proud of, is shift8 WMS. We’ll happily help you decide if it’s the right solution for you. Check out our shift8WMS page for more information.

The best way to contact us is via our contact page. However, you are welcome to leave a phone message at our number below or send us an email directly. Here are the details:

Email: team@shift8solutions.com

Phone: (646) 593-7348